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“Healing Wounds for over 21 years,
Changing Lives One Patient at a Time”

We provide a comprehensive, client-specific approach to wound care. We offer treatment for new and chronic wounds in all stages of healing. Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan, and we work in collaboration with other healthcare providers to determine the best course of action for each patient.

Advanced Wound Care

Types of Wounds We Heal


Abrasions are wounds caused by scraping the surface of the skin. Most abrasions are minor and will heal on their own, but others will require daily cleaning and dressing, as well as care from a wound specialist.

Diabetic Ulcers

Diabetes can seriously impact the circulation of blood in your limbs, and poor circulation can combine with nerve damage and infection to create large crater-like wounds that require serious medical care.

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, are caused by a lack of mobility. Because that root issue often can’t be solved, these wounds can be particularly difficult to treat. A wound specialist can help.


Lacerations or tear-like wounds can vary from minor cuts to major injuries. Lacerations are generally caused by sharp edges, and they can sometimes result in serious medical issues including amputation.

Venous Stasis Ulcers

Issues with the veins in your legs can lead to poor circulation and cause ulcers to develop. These open wounds in the skin can be treated within a few months with help from a wound specialist.

Traumatic Wounds from Accidents

Accident wounds are what most of us think of when we imagine a severe injury, and with good reason. Accidents can cause incredibly serious injuries, and those injuries need wound care to heal.

Graphic Image Warning

Below you can find a gallery showing the results we’ve been able to achieve for a few of our many patients. Some viewers may find these images disturbing.


Getting Compassionate Care for Your Wounds

Here at the Lopez Family and Wound Healing Clinic, we know how devastating a severe wound can be, and we work hard to provide healing for those who’ve suffered a serious injury. We’re proud to offer compassionate, holistic care for wounds at any point in the healing process. Our certified wound specialist can help you fully heal and minimize the long-term effects and signs of your wound. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your healing. Come see us at the Lopez Family and Wound Healing Clinic.


If you’ve suffered a minor to severe wound, come see a certified wound specialist at the Lopez Clinic in McAllen.

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